At Proan, not only have we taken on the commitment and responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of our productive processes, but we have also committed to the optimization and adjustment of our production processes to guarantee the sustainable use of our resources: water, electrical power, raw materials, and the transformation of organic waste.

We have earned the Clean Industry Certificate and the Environmental Quality Certificate awarded by the Federal Government, through the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA, in its initials in Spanish).

PROAN is the first Mexican company to obtain the Parque Industrial

Industries that belong to the National Environmental Audit Program, a program that contributes to improving the production processes for a green, sustainable economic growth geared to national climate change strategy.

After an audit and verification of each of the processes, spaces and equipment in different plants, it was observed that PROAN meets the correct use and reuse of water parameters, minimum power consumption, low waste generation and recycle of the mentioned before. Indicators that make a socially responsible company with the environment.

With the recognition Parque Industrial Limpio, PROAN is distinguished by its efforts oriented towards the environmental care and reiterates its commitment to quality products.

Transformation of organic waste into compost and electrical power.

In the poultry area we transform the organic waste (manure) into compost that enriches our agricultural soils and improves the overall nutrition of the crops that are subsequently transformed into high-quality livestock feed.

In the hog and dairy areas the manure is put through a process of anaerobic digestion to generate biogas (methane gas), which is subsequently transformed into electricity that we use to power our facilities. The amount of electrical energy generated is comparable to the consumption of 4,000 Mexican homes.

Management of recycled materials, solar energy, and rational water use at the PROAN Industrial Park

The blister factory (where egg packaging is produced) at the PROAN Industrial Park uses recycled PET (Terephthalate Polyethylene) as a raw material.

At the cone or tray factory we use sheets of newspapers and cardboard scrap from the corrugated cardboard box factory.

The industrial park has an integrated water system that optimizes and reuses 100% of the water consumed in the different processes and factories; it is then used to water the green areas around the park.

The company's athletic and recreational facilities rely on solar cells that transform solar energy into electrical energy to power these facilities and make them self-sustainable.