Human Development

At PROAN we have promoted human development as one of the pillars for strengthening our business. Our biggest asset is the people who work here, our loyal collaborators, who through their commitment and hard work make us grow.

That is why we have developed a wide variety of activities that promote training, sports and physical health, and integration at the workplace and at home, since the activities are open not only to our employees, but to their families as well.

Courses, talks, workshops, and conferences

Throughout the year we bring in top-flight speakers to run activities that focus on motivational, health, environmental, and financial management topics, among others.

Be Better Program

Through this program, PROAN collaborators have the chance to train and strengthen their skills in 4 major areas: 1) motivation and human formation, 2) attention to physical and psychological health 3) technical knowledge and training, and 4) health, safety, and hygiene.

Prepanet Community

In order to support the academic aspirations of our collaborators and their families, PROAN supports people interested in obtaining their high school diploma through the ITESM online program.

Health and athletics Integration and recreational activities Community support